Hear me, beloved, hear me!

I am in the wind,

the morning song of the bird,

the sounds of waves shushing to shore.

In the whispers of grass

I speak to you of my love,

and through the cricket I call your name.


Come, beloved, come!

Gather my crystal moonbeams

and weave from them a shawl

to wrap around your nakedness.

And from the rainbow

spin threads to garment your soul.

Drink the rays of sun until you and they are one.


Feel me, beloved, feel me.

I am in the rocks’ solid foundation

and the sand between your toes.

Mould me as clay in your hands.

Dangle your tired feet in my stream

and feel my water caress them.

Feel me in Mother Earth beneath your prone body.


Seek me, beloved, seek me!

Lift your face to the rain

and let each precious drop

wash away your pain.

In the darkness of your soul’s night

lift your eyes to the canopy

of my stars’ glorious light.


Know me, beloved, know me!

In the perfume of a bloom,

the rising sap of a tree,

in the spider’s spun silk web

know the essence of me.

In the pink painted clouds of dawn

know the beauty of me.


Come, beloved, come!

Soar with me on eagle’s wings;

dance with me in the leaves of trees

and walk with me through your dreams.

Breathe me in your body;

hold me in your heart,

and kiss me, beloved, with your spirit…


For I Am Your Greatest Lover!