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Psychic medium Joy Brisbane has come to understand that death is only a flimsy curtain between parallel worlds. Rising out of individual consultations, workshops, and telephone calls, Brisbane now shares her stories as a psychic medium and her experiences speaking with those in the realm of spirit—entities that can help us in extraordinary ways. 

Brisbane believes death is a leveling experience. Regardless of a person's education, level of society, nationality, or religion, grief knows no boundaries. Behind the veils with which we hide, we are basically the same. Each person feels pain and loss when loved ones pass over, but there is a chance for healing even in the darkest of times. 

Spirit Speaks captures the intensity of pain and sorrow, but also the excitement and joy as people make the transition from being in the shadows of their existence to embracing healing and awakening to inner beauty, strength, and courage. In the spirit world, our loved ones and guides have an abundance of love to give. It's time to let them in.


Balboa Press

I enjoy reading books that celebrate the wonderful possibility of the human experience, and yours falls nicely into that category. Your approach is grounded, intelligent, and friendly; reading this book is like having lunch with a trusted friend. It’s no small task to write about this sort of topic—and you do it with style, sincerity, and integrity.

Your style is quite approachable, conversational, and supportive; it’s just the right tone for this sort of project.  Your enthusiasm and qualifications to inspire are undeniable.  Your work is an ambitious attempt to both introduce and explain a complicated topic, and you succeed.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with your project, and I wish you every possible success.


Hi Joy, your book, Spirit Speaks, arrived at 8am.  I was going to leave it until Boxing Day to read but I couldn’t resist just a peek at it.  It is now 3pm and I have just completed reading it.  I couldn’t put it down.  I had tears of joy and tears of pain, especially when I read the chapter about my daughter.  Thank you for what you share, I know many people will benefit from reading Spirit Speaks.

Mary (Geelong)

As one who hasn't seen spirits, it's always enlightening to hear from those with this ability and you do do it damn well!  



We love our copy of your book and wholeheartedly congratulate you. The words of the editor are totally endorsed. 

It was just like us sitting down with you and talking about your therapies and your understanding. You have such a gift.  

Jim and Kit


It was such a pleasure to read the stories, the journeys and the explanations of what you were sensing.  I laughed, I cried but most of all I enjoyed every word.  May this wonderful book be a huge success!  



I am blown away by your book.  I hope to meet you in the near future.  



Your book Spirit Speaks arrived at 8am.  I couldn’t resist just a peek at it. It is now 3pm and I have just completed reading it.  I couldn’t put it down.  I had tears of joy and tears of pain.  Thank you for what you share.  I know many people will benefit from reading Spirit Speaks.  


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