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Walking with Spirit - By Joy Brisbane

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Product Description

“The message communicated in Walking with Spirit seeks to touch the lives of others and help them to find joy and peace”

This is a passionate look at how spirituality has infused your life and how you now use your abilities to help others. You use a very familiar and comfortable tone, one that readers will easily relate to, which makes the information included in the text easier to understand. The meditation exercises are simple and seem easy to follow, so readers can replicate your experiences and welcome peace and contentment into their lives. You are obviously well versed in leading people into a deeper understanding of their life purpose and helping them approach all life events as positive opportunities. All in all, I enjoyed reading your book and believe it has the potential to touch many people. Well done!


I read your book over the last few days while in hospital. Usually a small book like this I would read in one sitting but found I had to stop and reflect a lot.  It is small in size but not in content, many words of wisdom and great examples.  I have to say well done and very inspirational.  There were a few bit’s that made me cry so, like a great song, it stirred up the emotions, particularly in relation to your father. Your book has also inspired me to start capturing my thoughts.   Well done!  I think you are not only walking in spirit but living in spirit.

Steven (Ballarat)

Dear Joy,

During our trip to Arizona both my wife and I completed "Walking with Spirit". My daughter is nearly finished.

I could say we enjoyed the book and leave it at that, but the response would be incomplete. The timing could not be better, and the reactions and responses have been exceptionally positive. The three of us were up quite a few late nights discussing how much of your writing is directly applicable to each of our lives.

Again, thank you. I am confident the book will be reread and used by the three of us plus others. I have recommended it to a good friend who has recently gone through a liver transplant and who has maintained similar positions to what you have written.


Larry (America)

Hi Joy,

I have just finished reading your book "Walking with Spirit", and I must say, I loved it; everything resonated.

I also appreciated how candid you were; I could relate and identify with many of your personal stories and had those 'aha' moments!

Very inspiring.

All the best,

Dianne Welsh

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