As a psychic medium and counsellor (trained through Lifeline) Joy has two beings who work with her fulfilling two separate roles.

Her Master: He helps her to channel, from those in spirit, messages for her clients. Joy’s Master has been with her since she was 7 years of age. Master has brought healing to many people throughout the years with profound guidance, knowledge, and wisdom.

Theo: He is the divination guide who works brilliantly with oracle cards. Joy has worked with him for many years and can still be in awe of Theo’s accuracy and clarity.

Joy sees no more than 2 people a day for her one on one consultations. She likes to spend time with each client working through issues that may arise from the readings. The consultations are 2 hours to allow her that option. For those who are new clients, she will spend time explaining how she works with spirit before commencing the reading.

Cost: $120

Contact: email or text 0428 734 471


Are you floating on a sea of doubt and confusion?
Are you longing for stillness and calmer waters?
Are you seeking direction?

Joy offers… a weekend just for you (or you and 1 friend) of creating intensive mindful moments toward:

Finding peace of mind and heart

Establishing direction in your life’s journey

Awakening your deeper spiritual awareness

Releasing old patterns

Regaining health and happiness

– Cost: $450 per person

– Arrive Saturday at 9am to settle in. Work commences at 9.30am.

– All requirements supplied in a package on arrival

– Accommodation provided with your own bathroom

– Sunday’s breakfast, lunches, morning and afternoon teas provided

– Evening meal on the Saturday will be dining out. It is good to get away from the place of work for a few hours

– Completion will be at 5pm on Sunday




Joy… is her name. Joy is what she came into this lifetime to learn, receive, and to give. It is her life’s purpose to help others find joy in their lives. Joy is a powerfully healing emotion that helps to open up the doors to happiness and abundance in all of its forms. True joy comes when we experience the essence of the divine, both within self and from the spirit realm.

If you are interested in bringing together 8 to 12 people, for an afternoon or evening, to experience the joy of connecting to the spirit realm, then Joy would be happy to act as a channel for you. When she works as a medium with a group of people, Joy is in partnership with 3 other beings she calls the Sacred Triad. It is not guaranteed that everyone will receive a message from loved ones or guides, but it is guaranteed that you will leave having being touched in some way by the love, grace, and power of Great Spirit.

Cost: $45 per person

Contact: email